Universal Orlando is getting a new, really cool-looking theme water park, called Volcano Bay!
Construction has already started and Volcano Bay is scheduled to open in 2017!  I can't wait to try it out!

Skull Island: Reign of Kong opens Summer 2016 at Universal's Islands of Adventure®!
his looks fun!  Check out the video!
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My son, Avery, wanted to share some info on his favorite Magic Kingdom interactive game, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. :)
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I've heard he carries his Capt. Jack Sparrow costume around, so he can get into character and surprise people, but how cool is this??  Johnny Depp, in full Capt. Jack character mode, dressed up and surprised patients in an Australian children's hospital. So sweet!!!!

Video from Juiced TV.
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THIS!!!!  The Dole Whip Pineapple Float!  I'm pretty sure they make these in HEAVEN!!  And angels serve them!  I always get the pineapple float with pineapple ice cream and Will gets the same, but with vanilla ice cream.  YUM!!!!
We always make a stop by Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom every Disney trip. 
We've never tried the Orange, but I'm sure its just as good!  Dole Whips can be used as a snack credit if you have an awesome Disney dining plan.  Here's more info about my favorite snack from the Disney Food Blog and a recipe if you want to make one yourself at home!  You're welcome for the craving! ;)

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On Friday night, we visited our favorite (and only one we've ever been to) drive-in movie theater, Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater
It's a pretty neat place!  Only $7 a person to get in, which is much cheaper than other theaters around here!  They have 2 screens and show 2 back to back movies on each screen.  So $7 each for 2 movies!  We saw 'Inside Out' (pretty cute!) and 'Jurassic World' (didn't disappoint!).  The gates open at 7:30 every weekend and movies don't start until dark so around 9 or so.  It's a pretty late night, so we don't do it often with our two little ones.  We always get there early so we can get a front row spot.  We pack sleeping bags, pillows and blankets so we can all pile up in the back of the truck to watch the movie. 
And if you get there early, bring a ball or a Frisbee like we do so you can play under the big screen!  They sell Frisbees if you forget yours.  My 3 up there are playing soccer.
Before our movie they shot fireworks since it was July 4th weekend. 

Fireworks didn't start until 9:45 and we watched BOTH movies so we got home at ....  3am!  :O  We don't do that often though, so every once in a while we can be the cool parents that let our children stay up half the night. ;)
How sweet is this?!?!  My sweet Ryleigh and her Daddy, heads together, taking it in.  LOVE! 

They have a decent concession stand and super clean bathrooms!  Seriously!  There's an attendant in there cleaning up after you! It's a nice little family memory maker we enjoy a few times in the Summer.  Check it out if you are ever close to Trenton, GA! 
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How cool is this?!?!  Check out this relaxing GoPro video of a turtle taking a relaxing swim through the Great Barrier Reef!  Beautiful and very relaxing!
Have a very happy July 4th with your family!! XO
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Our Week



We took Daddy some food to work!  They love being his work "helpers."
Outside the Grand Ole Opry for our anniversary weekend in Nashville
Happy 12th anniversary to us!  Looking forward to many more! 
They are going to a camp next week and they need to have tennis rackets.  Something they have NEVER played.  Ever.  So we got some tennis rackets and have been practicing.  They obviously get their skill and coordination from me!  ;) (I may or may not have very good hand-eye coordination).
I try to get up before everyone else and read my Jesus Calling for the devotional and a couple of chapters of the Bible.  Someone decided she was going to start joining me!  So much for my quiet time, but how can I complain about this! 
My grocery buddies.  One insists on pushing the buggy and one insists on putting everything in the buggy. Pretty sure I said "Watch out" and "Be careful" about 86 times. 

Our annual Creative Discovery Museum trip!  And annual dinosaur picture!
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Alaskan Cruise
Punta Cana
Go west in USA
New York City

I'm sure there are more, but those are the places that stick out in my head. :)  What's on your bucket list?