Our Week



We took Daddy some food to work!  They love being his work "helpers."
Outside the Grand Ole Opry for our anniversary weekend in Nashville
Happy 12th anniversary to us!  Looking forward to many more! 
They are going to a camp next week and they need to have tennis rackets.  Something they have NEVER played.  Ever.  So we got some tennis rackets and have been practicing.  They obviously get their skill and coordination from me!  ;) (I may or may not have very good hand-eye coordination).
I try to get up before everyone else and read my Jesus Calling for the devotional and a couple of chapters of the Bible.  Someone decided she was going to start joining me!  So much for my quiet time, but how can I complain about this! 
My grocery buddies.  One insists on pushing the buggy and one insists on putting everything in the buggy. Pretty sure I said "Watch out" and "Be careful" about 86 times. 

Our annual Creative Discovery Museum trip!  And annual dinosaur picture!
Have a happy 3 day July 4th weekend and don't forget to check out my Facebook page!


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