I've been getting a Stitch Fix box every month or so for about a year now, and have never reviewed it.  Might as well!  So here's my latest box!  I asked for a Fall inspired box since Fall is my FAVORITE!  I love Stitch Fix day!!! 
The first top I tried on was the Olive & Oak Frye Frayed Edge Top.  I love plaid so I was pretty excited about this one.  Unfortunately, the top didn't fit exactly right.  Too tight in the bust so it made the buttons bulge a little.  I put a tank under it and unbuttoned the top couple of buttons and I liked it like that, but why buy a shirt that doesn't really fit, right?  --Returned
Next, was the Lila Ryan Liza Colored Skinny Jeans.  LOVE the color, but they were a little too skinny for my taste.  I mean they stretch, but I didn't feel like they were very flattering.  --Returned
My stylist, (hi, Jordan!) checked out my Pinterest and saw that I had pinned a few olive jackets.  She sent me the Tart Homme Rain Jacket. I really liked this jacket and debated keeping it, but I just bought a new car, so... --Returned.
The only thing I really requested in this fix was Fall-inspired wear and a crossbody bag.  Jordan was on point!  She sent me the Octavia Brooklyn Crossbody Bag.  LOVE!!!  This will be going everywhere with me!! Also, here's a close up of the jacket. --Kept
Look at this dress, y'all!  The Loveappella Whitnee Knit Dress. I love it!  I had pinned it and Jordan noticed.  Thanks, Jordan!  It's actually navy and white, but the lighting makes it look black.  Oh well!  Can't wait till its cool enough to wear it!  Any suggestions for shoes??  --Kept
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