HAPPY FRIDAY/SNOW DAY!!  Snow day here anyway.  There's not actually any snow on the ground as of yet, but that's the way it works here in Georgia.  Threat of snow = SNOW DAY!  I'm good with an extra day off because the 2 weeks I just had off for Christmas break was just not enough! ;)

Alrighty!  Let's move on.  To Disneyland!  I talk about Walt Disney World in Florida all the time because 1)that's the one my family lives closest to and we go to and 2)that's what I mostly book.  FYI I book ANYTHING Disney as well as ALL cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Carnival, etc...)

Back to Disneyland!  Here is a TON of info if you are wanting to read up on Walt Disney's original park.
Just click the pictures and they should take you to the info you are looking for!  Contact me when you are ready to start planning your Disneyland California trip!  My services are always FREE!!! albright001@optilink.us


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