Happy happy New Year, my friends!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's weekend.  I know that I've sure enjoyed this extra couple of weeks at home and with my little  family.  I'm a teacher too so I had 2 weeks off for Christmas and the hubby took a week off with the kids and I so lots of extra family time just staying at home doing mostly NOTHING! 

We are excited about 2017 because we have our own Disney trip planned!  Woohoo!  And we are visiting New York this year and we've never been. So some excited people in my house!  And one very nervous about flying for the first time... I won't mention who... ;)

Praying that the Lord blesses my family and that I live every day for the Lord as best I can and praying for each and every one of you as well! 

Happy New Year!  :) 

PS:  Planning on trying to update my blog with Disney info as well as other cruise lines and maybe just some everyday stuff this year.  New Year's Resolution... :)
First pic of 2017! :)


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