My little family and I went to Disney World last week!  And we wanted to live there and are sad to be back to reality.  Day 1 is really day 1/2 because we decided to leave on Friday after work and drive as far as we could and then drive just a little on Saturday. 
So after everyone was home from school and work, we packed, loaded the car, and headed south. (Yes, I'm a last minute packer.  You could say, "let's go to <insert destination>, be ready in an hour!" and I'd be ready).

And....hit Atlanta about 6pm on a Friday night...If you've ever driven through Atlanta, GA then you know what I'm talking about...

Pretty sure this is what my face looked like the whole way through ATL...

We were actually making really good time and made it to Valdosta, GA about 11pm.  Will decided it was time for bed so we pulled off an exit to look for a motel.  We found one with vacancy, but it was way too expensive for a few hours.  We can do better than that. Famous last words...

We drove, and drove, and drove, and there was no vacancy...Anywhere...From Valdosta to Orlando...NO VACANCY...

We were up for anything...Motel 6, EconoLodge, Not picky at this point. 

3am...we find a resort that looked not too bad in the dark...

And they were renovating.  The guy said they had one room with one bed and no curtain...Ummmm...we'll take it?
That's our room, right up there, on the second floor, with no curtain...

How I slept that night/morning...
So that's an adventure we'll talk about for years!

Luckily, while we were laying there, Will got a text that our room at Disney was ready.  HALLELUJAH! We got out of there and headed to Disney World!

We stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. In a pirate room!  So fun and the kids loved it!  I had heard bad things about the long walk from the rooms to the food court, but we didn't mind at all.  As a matter of fact, we all enjoyed our little 13 minute (we timed it) walk every morning before breakfast.
We showered, checked out our resort, and headed to Disney Springs (aka downtown Disney).
My kids are into Disney pin trading, so they needed something to keep their collections in.  They have lanyards, but sometimes the pins fall off and then we're sad when they are lost. Avery got a big bag for his and Ryleigh chose a small one.
Snack time!

We had dinner reservations at T-Rex Cafe.  Pretty cool place, but so very loud! We ordered the Chocolate Extinction for dessert, complete with a volcano in the middle.  Oh, and btw, we always say we're celebrating their birthdays while we are at Disney.  Ryleigh's is February 13, so pretty close, but Avery's is in November.  Whatever.  They get told happy birthday all week and asked 1000 times if they are twins.  This trip they decided to answer yes to that question. They had a whole twin story going. ;)
Afterwards, we hopped a bus back to our resort and slept so much better than the night before.  Or maybe that was just me?  See you tomorrow for Day 2!


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