We got up bright and early Sunday morning to eat breakfast and head to Epcot.  My goal every day was to be there before park opening, but it never happened.  We were always 15-20 minutes later than park opening.  I tried...
My favorite people walking the little hike to breakfast at Caribbean Beach Resort.  We enjoyed our little walks every morning.  It was so pretty!

Ryleigh decided she was going to overcome her fears and be brave and ride every roller coaster.  She even asked for prayer requests in her Sunday school class.
  Avery on the other hand, would get a nervous stomach thinking about Ryleigh riding roller coasters. Must be the "twin" thing. ;)  So, Will and Ryleigh headed straight to Test Track, which I'm pretty sure is the fastest coaster in all of Disney World, and Avery and I headed to ride other rides (which turned into looking at pins forever). 

Ryleigh was pretty nervous about Test Track, but forced herself on it.
Here she is hiding and holding on to her daddy for dear life.  She said she kept waiting for it to get bad, and it never got as bad as she imagined.

Test Track conquered! 

And here's Avery and I hanging out. 

We met back up and toured the world.  My two like to do the Kidcot thing and get the stamps from all the different countries while we walk. 
If you know my daughter you know she's OBSESSED with pandas.  She was in panda heaven in China!
Both of them really like China and needed souvenirs.
Ryleigh picked some decorations for her room (after I said no to more panda stuffed animals approximately 4,822 times and Avery picked...
This awesome hat!!  :D

We also stopped by the France bakery for snacks.
Ryleigh was very jealous that her brother got to meet Beymax so we had to go see him one more time.
How cute is she?!?!  Look at that face!  She's 9, so sadly I'm pretty sure she knows Mickey Mouse isn't a real mouse and just a human dressed up, but I'm also pretty sure she thought this was the real, authentic Beymax.  :D 

We ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Garden Grill.  It's way up on our favorite list because a. the food is always good and b. its small and the characters come to your table more than once, and its very laid back.

Everyone takes selfies with Disney characters, right?
And let's not forget the fake twins birthday cakes!
It was so very busy this day, so we ended up not getting to ride two of our favorites, Soarin' and Spaceship Earth.  Oh well!  There's always next time.

A few more pics of our day.
Our sweet friends we tried to spend as much time as possible with. :)

After walking over 20,000 steps we headed back to our resort to sleep and get ready for Magic Kingdom the next day! I plan to recap it tomorrow!  See day 1 recap HERE.



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