Hello Magic Kingdom! This is our favorite out of the 4 parks! Tried to make it by park opening, but, once again, we were about 15 minutes late.  We took family pics at the entrance with 1,268 other people.
Ryleigh was still in her be brave/ride all roller coasters/overcome fear mode so we headed straight to Space Mountain.  Avery had no plans of riding, but we all stood in line anyway, just in case he changed his mind.  He didn't.
She just had a mini freakout in line, but still got on.  She wanted her daddy to hold her on the ride, but...
Still managed to pose for the camera! LOL!

Two roller coasters conquered!  Might as well head to another! Big Thunder Mountain, here we come!
Big Thunder Mountain is probably in my top 5 of favorite rides.  And Ryleigh rode it like a pro!  No fear of roller coasters anymore! 

Beating it in my list of favorites is Seven Dwarves Mine Train.  Just so fun and I love the Snow White scenery and of course the dwarves! Avery will even ride this one!
Space Mountain again this time with MEEE!!  She wanted me to hold her, so I did.  And I got the biggest, most painful bruise EVER on my arm from where it was banging on the seat holding on to her.  Oh, and she tried to pose for the camera again, but thought it was on the other side...
We rode several other rides in here btw.  These are apparently the only ones I took pics of though. 

While Ryleigh and her daddy rode Big Thunder Mountain again, Avery and I played the pirate adventure game we had passed earlier that he had been dying to play.  It's a cool, little interactive treasure hunt type game located in Adventureland. And when you finish a treasure hunt you get Fastpasses for Pirates of the Caribbean.  We ended up with about 12 we handed out to someone on our last day since we didn't get to use them all.  
You get a map and use your magic band to find clues. Pretty neat and something different from rides if you need a break.
Dinner reservations were for Be Our Guest that evening.  The kids got to take turns holding Lumiere on the way to our table! We love Be Our Guest!  The strawberry cupcakes is my favorite and I love the atmosphere!  Looks like you've stepped right into the movie!
Such a fun day!  Here's a few more pics from the day.
So pretty! 
Come back tomorrow for Day 4!  We're heading to Animal Kingdom!  Click HERE for Day 1 and HERE for Day 2!


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