Welcome to Animal Kingdom! 
We started Day 4 our day 4 with Avery and that hat...
We always skip this park because we thought there wasn't a lot to do there and we basically didn't want to waste a park day going to the zoo.  Last time we went Avery was 3 and Ryleigh was 1.  She slept through the safari ride and we couldn't really do much else because they were too little for the couple of big rides and not that interested in shows.  But we decided to try again. First ride, Dinosaur! 
So basically this day, we walked around, rode the few rides they have, did not see a single show, and apparently I didn't take that many pictures.   Here's the one I took from the safari, though!
The one picture I took from the safari is of the one gorilla we saw chilling under a rock. 

Ryleigh had big plans of riding Expedition Everest.  Just a regular roller coaster that goes 50something miles an hour, backwards, and has a scary yeti inside it.  No big deal!
First ride with her daddy.  She's got that posing for the camera thing down to an art...
Second ride with me.  That's a real scream from me btw...She was wanting us to pose and I was saying, "Is this where the camera is?" we went down the hill really fast and I wasn't ready...
And 3rd ride with our friends.  We were supposed to be acting terrified/dramatic.
We were so proud of these brave girls riding without us and by themselves!  Here they go over the first hill! :)
So brave!
We had dinner at Ohana's that night.  This restaurant is in my top 5 of favorite Disney restaurants!  So good!  Also, we always schedule our dinner reservations when its almost time for Wishes and we always request a table with fireworks viewing.  You can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks really well and they play the music in the restaurant.  The request isn't guaranteed, but they try.  They got us pretty close this time.  And I apparently was enjoying my food, fireworks, and family so much that I didn't take a single picture!

My kids must bring 58 of their favorite stuffed animals whenever we go on vacation.  Is this normal or just my kids?!?  Our cleaning person at the resort had fun arranging these every night and was probably confused about why there were so many!
That pretty much sums up our Animal Kingdom day.  I'm so glad we decided to go this time because it was so relaxing and not near as crowded.  We needed a "down" day where we didn't feel so rushed to do everything.  To see my day 1, day 2, and day 3 recaps click here, here and here! :)

And here's one last pic for you of a hippo.  Those things are huge!  :)



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