Day 5 is here!  We hopped a bus as soon as we got ready and head breakfast and set off for Hollywood Studios!
One of our very favorite rides is Toy Story Mania and we had fastpasses for it in 30 minutes and there was a 30 minute line already 10 minutes after park opening, so we decided to wait in line so we could ride it twice.  (That was a really long sentence)!  The line is pretty cool and moves fast.  And look how cute they are! 
First ride was kids vs. parents... (We won...)
Second ride was Avery/Mama vs. Ryleigh/Daddy.  (They won...)
My family is big Star Wars geeks, errrr...I mean fans, so they were all pretty excited about seeing Star Wars guys.  Ryleigh has always liked the "bad guy" in movies (very concerned about her future boyfriends), so of course she likes Kylo Ren.  She was soooooo very excited to meet him (pretty sure she thought it was the real Kylo Ren) and I completely expected her to get all fan girl on him.

I mean she could not contain her excitement.  It was about to overflow out of her! (Note her shirt...)

It was finally our turn and the video says the rest...#kylorenisnotahugger #shesaysthiswasniceforhim
This dude had the whole bad guy vibe going down!  Stared us down while we were walking out. Creepy! 

Then we hopped in line to meet Chewbacca.  Ryleigh was pretty worried about meeting him with her Kylo Ren shirt on because apparently they aren't friends.  She has a Hans Solo pin though so she pulled it out to distract him with.  Worked for a minute.  He looked at it and made sad noises.  Then he noticed her shirt apparently...

He was not a fan...And I think all the noises and pointing meant that he was accusing me of buying it for her.
He gave me a hug anyway and still took pictures with us.  As we were walking out though he kept doing the "I''ve got my eyes on you" pointing thing at Ryleigh. 
We met this dude in the hallway.  I think I was told he's a Jawa? Or that's his name?  Not sure...
And there were stormtroopers walking around. They were hilarious and looking for rebel spies. 
We have a Disney Visa so one of the perks is getting a private meet n greet with a surprise character.  I was pretty sure it was Kylo Ren...And it was...Kylo Ren take 2!
This Kylo Ren was nicer and I gave my phone to the camera people to get a family pic, but I really wish I had a video.  He sent us away and just kept Ryleigh.  He said something about waiting on her and being patient and something about serving him well.  #ithinkmydaughterjoinedthedarkside #dotheyhavecookies
We ate lunch at Hollywood and Vine for my friend's 2 year old.  Avery didn't want anything to do with "the baby characters" but Ryleigh played along.
Next up, Tower of Terror!  So Ryleigh had been wanting to ride this, but was pretty nervous.  She had a breakdown in line, but didn't back out.
She cried the entire time from the line to the end of the ride, asked me several times as we yo-yo dropped "is it over?", kept her eyes closed, and held my arm for dear life.  But when it was really over said in a sobbing voice, "That was fun!"  Ummmm...then why are you still crying?
Rock n' Roller coaster was shut down most of that day for some reason, so we never got a chance to ride it. 

Oh and btw it rained off and on most of this day.  Just sprinkly for the most part, but enough to be annoying. We had VIP Fantasmic seats.  It decided to rain slightly more right at time for the show.  They started the show and I don't know if maybe Mickey slipped or something, but about 5 minutes into they cut the lights and announced it was canceled due to the weather.  Well shoot!  So, we called it a night and headed to Caribbean Beach Resort. And found our 1,257 stuffed animals staring at us again...
Not sure if I'll have time for the last day this weekend, so it may be Monday before its up!  Here's a couple more pics of our day. See you soon!

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